HIV Risk in Guys Who Possess Sex With Men

HIV Risk in Guys Who Possess Sex With Men

Guys who possess sex with males (MSM) is the definition of utilized to categorize men whom participate in sex along with other men, regardless how they identify on their own. The word is made within the 1990s by epidemiologists as a surveillance device to better determine the route of HIV transmission and spread associated with the condition through male-male activity that is sexual.

Ahead of this, researchers had been restricted to the analyses—whereby that is identity-based whom defined as “gay” or “bisexual” just weren’t always intimately active, while those that defined as “straight” may be intimately active along with other guys.

MSM alternatively centers around behavior in the place of cultural or social self-identification therefore supplying a better image of HIV disease prices. That, in turns, provides us a significantly better comprehension of the implications of HIV avoidance, including which avoidance tools to make use of by which populations.

Studies differ by community and tradition, but research carried out by the new york Department of health insurance and Mental Hygiene revealed compared to the 4,200 guys interviewed by phone:

  • Almost one out of ten whom identified as straight had sex exclusively along with other males.
  • 70 % of straight-identifying guys whom involved in male-male sexual intercourse at onetime or any other additionally stated that these people were married.
  • ten percent of married males who identified as directly had reported behavior that is same-sex the program associated with the past year

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