New Hampshire House Rejects Casino Gambling

New Hampshire House Rejects Casino Gambling

The New Hampshire home once again rejected a casino gambling bill.

New Hampshire casino proponents thought that Wednesday had been their day.

Time and time again, the state House of Representatives had beaten back efforts to pass casino gambling bills for New Hampshire, but this could have been different week.

Both supporters of the casino bill and opponents had been unsure of what caused by a bill is, and there was even explore what Shawn Jasper, the House Speaker, would do in the event that vote ended in a dead tie.

Large Margin of Defeat Surprised Numerous

But every one of that conjecture had been for naught, as the newest Hampshire House yet again voted against incorporating casino gambling towards the state, yet again defeating the bill with a margin that is fairly large.

In the end, there have been just 156 votes and only the proposal against 208 against the concept of bring one or maybe more casinos to the state.

‘ I do not think anyone who was in opposition to this bill ever suspected so it had been likely to be that large of the margin,’ said Representative David Hess (R-Hooksett).

‘ I happened to be sort of surprised by the vote, said State Senator Lou D’Allesandro (D-Manchester), whom introduced the friend bill that passed in the newest Hampshire Senate month that is last. ‘I thought we would do much better.’

Governor Aids Casino Gambling

Governor Maggie Hassan had been lobbying strongly for the bill, and expressed disa (más…)