NHS and private ultrasound scans during maternity

NHS and private ultrasound scans during maternity

From very very early pregnancy towards the anomaly scan, ultrasounds make sure that your child is developing because it should always be. We consider the routine scans you can expect in the NHS and just exactly just what extra choices can be obtained independently.

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What exactly is an ultrasound scan?

When you’re for a maternity scan, the sonographer (an expert been trained in ultrasound scans) sets ultrasound gel on your tummy after which moves a handheld probe across the skin. Even though the gel may be described as a bit cool, the scans are totally painless.

The probe delivers down ultrasound waves – sound waves with a regularity greater than the ear that is human in a position to hear – to produce pictures of the child, that your sonographer studies for a display.

Ultrasound scans in pregnancy have actually a few purposes:

  • They look at your baby’s size and, during the pregnancy that is early scan, help calculate your deadline.
  • They monitor whether your infant keeps growing generally.
  • They check whether you’re having one child, twins or maybe more.
  • They are able to identify some abnormalities.
  • They could show when you have a lot of or not enough amniotic fluid.
  • They reveal the positioning for the placenta along with your infant, that may impact whether you are able to want to offer delivery vaginally or you could need a caesarean area.

Are maternity scans safe?