just just What every girl has to find out about HIV and AIDS

just just What every girl has to find out about HIV and AIDS

Researching HIV and AIDS will allow you to, friends, and family members remain healthy and safe. Abstinence, or perhaps not having virtually any intercourse, could be the simplest way in order to prevent HIV. If you opt to have sexual intercourse in the long term, always utilize a latex condom to help alleviate problems with HIV, and just just simply take other actions to simply help end HIV and AIDS. The following is some information that is great girls:

HIV can only just be transmitted through your body’s liquids, like bloodstream, semen, or fluids that are vaginal. HIV can be a form of sexually transmitted disease (STI), also known as a std (STD). STIs are sent through various sorts of sexual intercourse, as well as sexual intercourse, with a person who is contaminated.

STIs, like chlamydia, elevate your danger of getting HIV. About one out of four teenagers (ages 14–19) comes with an STI. If you believe you have actually an STI, head to a physician. Find out about signs of STIs.

Women and girls coping with HIV might have no signs for a long time. Regardless of if HIV causes no symptoms, it’s still harming your own body’s defense mechanisms, or immune system against ailments. People coping with HIV want to get therapy as early as possible.

Whoever has intercourse are at threat of HIV. Your danger is founded on things you might maybe not know — like who your spouse is with before or if they will have ever inserted medications. Be courageous, make inquiries, to get tested together.

Safeguard your self simply by using a condom precisely each time you have actually vaginal, anal, or dental sex and avoiding connection with your lover’s fluids and bloodstream. (más…)